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    The famous husband and wife Kinsey team in their landmark work on human sexuality purposed a sliding scale to describe how attracted humans are to the opposite sex and their own sex. Their research showed that only about 10% of the population is exclusively Homosexual or Heterosexual, meaning incapable of forming attractions to anyone not of the preferred sex. Everyone else exists on a continuum in ranging from almost exclusive to equally balanced. More people cluster near the ends of preference but people exist everywhere along the continuum. Recent studies have  challenged the exact percentage breakdowns of where people lie on the scale, but it widely accepted that the continuum exists.

    I think part of the reason there is so much fear about the emergence of the acceptance of homosexuality is that a very large percentage of human possess the ability to be attracted to their non-preferred sex given the right person and the right set of circumstances. Having strong cultural taboos against same sex relationships obviously doesn't change the desires of people who are primarily or exclusively interested in their own sex. However, it probably does a great job at stopping people who have a 20%-40% interest in their own sex from acting on it.

    As a women who is tilts towards a 60% attraction to men, the cultural constraints were sufficient that 25 years ago, I never considered forming a life time commitment with a woman. If I was a young women in today's world, although still not smooth sailing, I would be open to the possibility. I suspect that people like me who fall more towards the center of the scale are far more scary to Heterosexuality then people who are exclusively Gay.

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