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View Diary: Then He Asked Me for I.D. (the sequel) (120 comments)

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  •  maybe it's being a reasonably well off (7+ / 0-)

    well known member of the community with numerous connections...maybe that includes also being white (I guess) and male...that allows you to feel safe to do this.

    I am female and poor and without connections. I wouldn't know who to call if they dragged me in the police station under false pretenses.

    I can't afford to say no to the police when the ask for ID. I find behavior like the police officer's with you completely threatening to my well being because it is threatening. I have injuries if they put cuffs on me they'd hurt me quite a bit. Even before these injuries I am just far too vulnerable to bring this upon myself.

    I get that that is why police get away with this kind of abusive treatment. That many of us, even if we do know our rights, are not in the position to lobby for them and risk harm to ourselves or our lives.

    Probably being a minority would be much worse. Such as if you were a young Black man.

    It's too bad that some of the population may risk their lives to stand up for their rights as you did. Glad you did, but wanted it out there that many of us cannot and, in the real world, should not do as you did.

    He may have backed away because you were a White male.

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