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  •  Bravo... (4.00)
    Your diary really hits home with me...

    My beloved cousin was deployed to Iraq for two solid years (he was actually on his way home two or three times when he got sent back). At first, he sent letters saying that the way he kept himself going in that hell was remembering how afraid he was on 9/11 that something had happened to me and my family (I was working in NYC and my two year old son was at my office daycare) and he was fighting for us. Then, the letters trailed off...then he came home and shut down.

    Yes, my prayers were answered that he came back alive - but in my hasty selfishness, I forgot to wish he would be the same gregarious, ambitious man I knew. He's not. He's invisibly but unmistakably broken - possibly forever.

    I hope your son is doing well and that you can continue to turn your anger into something positive. Keep your fingers crossed for my family, too. I went to visit my cousin this weekend, and without notice he'd moved far away without saying goodbye to anyone. Maybe he felt like he was already gone.

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