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  •  I empathize with you strongly (none)
    I was not fortunate enough to have children but I so strongly empathize with you.  I have been rageful since we diverted our attention to Iraq.  I was sad about Afghanistan because I hate war, period.  But I, like you, felt it might be necessary in order to get bin Laden.  At the time, I was very concerned that Bush was going to identify "terrorist" with the name of a country when I knew that terrorists had no country.

    What made me the most angry was when we diverted our attention to Iraq and Bush declared war.  My attention went to you and to the soldiers who believed that their President wouldn't steer them wrong.  I was furious at him for taking advantage of our fallout fear from 9/11 and the fact that, up until Bush, we could generally trust our President not to lead us into war unless it was necessary and legal.  We now know the terrible truth.  Bush is a butcher.  He is no different than Saddam.  And my heart bleeds for each death, whether American or Iraqi.

    When I stop to examine myself, I realize I stay away from these thoughts these days.  I suppose it is the only way I can continue with what quality of life I might have left.  I try to be effective where I can be.  But, when I do think about the death and the insanity and what it will do to those soldiers who do survive, and how they have been played for fools by a man who's responsibility it is to protect them, I feel so angry that, should it come to it, even at my age (54) I'd take up arms and march against the men and women in Washington and around the nation who support torture, lies, genocide and treachery.

    I cannot believe what has happened to our country.

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