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View Diary: Conservative guns-in-schools plan runs afoul of the insurance industry (191 comments)

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    all political persuasions have equal right to not frequent businesses who's business practices or political activities are immoral to them. That's why I would (and do) choose not to patronize an establishment that takes away the right of workers to have decent medical care. And yes, I do consider it a right, even if most of the current governmental groups in the US do not.

    For your second example, if we limit good or bad to whether people's rights are being violated, the action would be bad if we accept that workers have a right to healthcare, and good if we do not. Since this is an area we're not likely to agree in, we must expand our options to Good, Bad, and Neutral. This action has elements of Good (standing up for something you believe in) and Bad (hurting your employees so you can save money), putting it more in the area of Neutral.

    If the employer wanted to have the Good without the Bad, they could choose to keep employee hours as they are and pay the fine, or they could support removing the responsibility of providing healthcare from employers by supporting some form of national healthcare.

    Really, what this long-winded post comes down to, is that actions that help, protect, or at least do not harm others are good or neutral, and actions that harm others are bad.

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