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  •  Strictly speaking (2+ / 0-)
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    gffish, PSzymeczek

    a crime is any act that's prohibited by law.  It's not that (for instance) using marijuana isn't a real crime, it's that it shouldn't be a crime.

    •  But there are real crimes and arbitrarily defined (4+ / 0-)

      false crimes.

      We can pass a law againt anything, that doesn't mean it's wrong - it just means somebody doesn't want you doing it.

      Marijuana laws are fake artificial laws with no real-world meaning, like murder or rape or financial scams.

      Marijuana isn't a crime, really. Only stupid people make it that way for stupid reasons.

    •  We could outlaw golf. (2+ / 0-)
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      happymisanthropy, gffish

      That wouldn't mean that golf was somehow suddenly a real crime.

      it would just mean a bunch of assholes don;t want you to play golf.

      •  I hate golf . . . (0+ / 0-)

        The Kids in the Hall are way ahead of this idea.

      •  ... how are you defining "crime" (1+ / 0-)
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        if not "act prohibited by law"?

        If golf becomes prohibited by law, then yes, playing golf will become a crime.  Just as selling alcohol became a crime when it was temporarily prohibited.

        Just because something is made a crime doesn't mean it's suddenly a morally wrong act.  There are plenty of morally wrong acts that aren't crimes.

        •  You seem to have answered your question (1+ / 0-)
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          Just because something is made a crime doesn't mean it's suddenly a morally wrong act.  There are plenty of morally wrong acts that aren't crimes.
          Like on Wall Street, for example.

          A natural crime is a trangression against another. Robbery, assault, rape.

          Did your action hurt anybody? If so, it's probably a real crime.

          Smoking pot after work in my yard is in no way a real crime, even if assholes passed laws saying so.

          •  I ... am not sure I buy the concept (0+ / 0-)

            of a "natural crime".

            A crime is an act prohibited by law.  Law is by definition artificial; it's a thing humans come up with.

            An act that harms another is a wrong no matter what, but it's only a crime if there's a law against it.  And if there's a law against something, then it's a crime whether or not it's a wrong.

            I completely agree with you that there are crimes that should not be crimes, and that the laws prohibiting them are bad laws, but this real/fake phrasing you're using doesn't make sense to me.  The only way something can reasonably be called a "fake crime" if it the act is not actually prohibited but is treated as though it were (e.g., refusing to obey an order from a police officer on a matter in which he has no legal authority).

            ... or, I suppose, if the law is technically on the books but only selectively enforced.

            •  Just because some dumbass writes a law (1+ / 0-)
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              doesn't mean it is a real crime.

              I am saying some laws of men are a farce and should be ignored or erased.

              I smoke pot even though it is against the Law of a few men because there's nothing wrong with smoking pot and people who think there is are fuckups.

              Life's too short to have ones quality of life shit on by intellectual dwarves.

              Laws against pot create fake crime.

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