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View Diary: We're well on our way to the most incompetent Congress ever (111 comments)

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    think that we're heading for a crash (not 2008, a real crash), and are trying to lock everything down before that happens. In other words, get theirs before the greedy fuckers get here.

    The coming food wars, water wars, healthcare wars, energy wars will join our existing or nascent class wars, race wars, war on women, and war on Christmas (jk) to make life very difficult for 95% of the worlds population. And just plain difficult for another 3%. The top 2% should be fine.

    It's those 2%, plus another 5-10% of wannabes, who are driving the greed.

    Healthcare? not so much for you
    Food stamps? you don't need to eat as much
    Privacy? hahaha
    Protection? buy a gun
    Housing? sorry about your house
    Environment? sorry about the gulf
    Government representation? Sure, if you are a corporation.

    I'm not only complainin' – I have solutions!
    Campaign finance reform: Donations only from people, with $ amount limits. Want to contribute more? That's fine, but it goes into a pool for all candidates. Let's see who can make the most of it.
    Universal healthcare: Medicare for all!
    Privacy: Citizens own data and metadata. Consent for any use.
    Environment: Public lands, water, etc. belong to people. Companies must neutralize or contain waste. And yes, the costs will get shifted to us. And yes, that's how it should be. The alternative is that the costs get passed to everyone after us (that's not cool).
    Protection/security: Strict gun regs. You can have guns, but you gotta really want them. It should be very difficult to qualify. Like liquor-license difficult. And make police officers honorable and competent.

    Ha. Easy to ramble here. Anyway, I do believe that the PTB are trying to cement their privileged position before too many of us get wise.

    •  I almost wish. (0+ / 0-)

      Unfortunately (kinda), I think we're headed not for a bang, but for a long series of whimpers. Reform prevented by boiled-frog problem.

      In the face of terrifying dangers and golden political opportunities, people just keep on keeping on, in a sort of twilight sleep in which they are conscious of nothing except the daily round of work, family life, darts at the pub, exercising the dog, mowing the lawn, bringing home the beer, etc.

      George Orwell

      "The true strength of our nation comes not from the might of our arms or the scale of our wealth, but from the enduring power of our ideals." - Barack Obama

      by HeyMikey on Tue Jul 09, 2013 at 12:10:22 PM PDT

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    •  all those solutions are great if you have (0+ / 0-)

      a government.

      we need solutions that are good for when you don't have a government.

      Ou sont les neigedens d'antan?

      by SouthernLiberalinMD on Tue Jul 09, 2013 at 12:23:43 PM PDT

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