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View Diary: Venezuela: Where they record your conversations and play them on TV (145 comments)

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  •  What were they hired to do? (1+ / 0-)
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    Snowden was hired to be an intelligence analyst and 'rage quit'. His new job is what ? Starting and maintaining a debate on intelligence gathering reform? If that's his 'job' he's failing at it.
    Greenwald is a journalist covering this story. Exactly what story is he covering ? Follow Snowden around the world?
    That the US is recording everyone's call? (they're not), that NSA has a direct line to Facebook servers? (they don't).  How well is he doing his job?

    You know what, Never mind them,
    you say you don't want this to be about Snowden, but about privacy and constitutional violations?
    Post some stuff about that.
    Here's a challenge, post a diary on the topic of NSA surveillance and it's constitutional problems with links supporting that position and don't use the word
    Snowden once.

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