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View Diary: M.I.T. Study: Climate Change will produce more frequent Hurricanes & more big Hurricanes (22 comments)

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    read an op/ed this past weekend in my FILs paper (Hartford Courant). writer was complaining about the sour-puss, sky is falling attitude of a climate scientist when asked to picture Armageddon (premise of the piece alone tells you all you need to know).

    the rest of the piece was a discourse on the quality of life our current technology and energy consumption have produced. greater food production, greater life span, etc. "sure its a little warmer" the writer concluded, "but isn't that a small price to pay for a great lifestyle".

    at no point did the piece acknowledge that the reason the scientist was concerned was that the data are showing that this wonderful standard of living cited in the piece is not sustainable and will eventually destroy itself. it assumed that whatever impact on weather climate change is having is all there will be, and did not discuss it as a proof that the forecasts the climate scientits have been making are valid and suggestive of a trend that is truly fear inducing.

    so that is the next phase of denialism. straight out denialism is a hard sell now, so they instead are minimizing it and dismissing those generally concerned as worry warts. do whatever you have to do, but make sure the dicussion always dismisses those who know the science as cranks and crackpots. surely the high-school equivalent science education of that op/ed writer qualifies him to do that for his readers.

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