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  •  nope. still not correct. (6+ / 0-)

    such a case does exist. Robert Wodrow Archbald was a federal judge who was impeached for such "abuses of power." His successful impeachment did not reverse any his rulings. future litigation may have. that's probably the only way you could do it.

    Judge Thomas Porteous, the most recent federal judge impeached, received all sorts of bribes and whatnot from lawyers appearing before him. rulings involved were not effectively reversed upon his successful impeachment.

    even at the state and local level this doesn't happen. Two judges here in PA sent thousands of kids to private jails in return for kickbacks. they're in prison now. those decisions were not automatically reversed--they had to be re-litigated (and they were). heck we just sent a state surpreme court judge to prison after removing her from office for "abuses of power". decisions in which she was in the majority (including the cash for kids scandal, I think) are not being reversed automatically.

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