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    The Weather Underground did more than blow up three statues.  I am not a fan because I see them as a bunch of pseudo-radicalized bourgeois kids (I admit this is my prejudice), but they did engage in serious violent actions.  I am more sympathetic to the Baader-Meinhoff group (perhaps I romanticize a bit) because my lack of cultural knowledge leads me to believe they were more committed, as they relinquished their connections to their lives to fight their battle.  The movie on them is quite good IMO.  You may enjoy Fassbinder's critique of them in his film, The Third Generation.   In any case, I believe that radicals (on both sides) serve a critical function.  They compel us to reconsider where we stand, what we believe in, and what we are willing to do to vindicate (for want of a better word) our beliefs.  I believe the Hegelian dialectic captures the human experience.  

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