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  •  whistle blowers typically voiceless (10+ / 0-)

    they are huddled up behind their attorneys

    if you have been through the courts you know about the huge charges and the need to plea bargain in most cases

    as Ellsberg points out, he was able to speak and demonstrate

    these days he might well be tortured for his service to the American Citizens

    so these first two paragraphs from Greenwald are important about how the Snowden effort has been handled

    Whistleblowers are typically rendered incommunicado, either because they're in hiding, or advised by their lawyers to stay silent, or imprisoned. As a result, the public hears only about them, but never from them, which makes their demonization virtually inevitable. With that fact in mind, we published - almost a month ago - a 10-minute video interview with Edward Snowden to enable people to hear directly from him about what he did, why he did it, and what he hoped to achieve.
    For the last two weeks, Snowden has been unable to speak publicly as he attempts to secure asylum. During that time, all sorts of accusations, innuendo, and other demonization campaigns have been directed at him by political officials and various members of the US media.
    a short article which contains the second segment of the extensive interview in early June

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