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  •  he also founded the KKK but later repudiated it (1+ / 0-)
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    if my memory is working correctly

    •  I didn't hear the "repudiate" part... (1+ / 0-)
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      Frank Cocozzelli

      ....good for him if he did, but so what?

      He gets a lot of credit for being one of the most brilliant cavalry commanders our country has ever produced, but so what?  Erwin Rommel is supposed to be one of the finest armor commanders ever, but he did that brilliant commanding in service of FUCKING EVIL.

      "Ronald Reagan is DEAD! His policies live on but we're doing something about THAT!"

      by leftykook on Tue Jul 09, 2013 at 06:27:05 AM PDT

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      •  Rommel also was forced to commit suicide (1+ / 0-)
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        for his part in the plot to assassinate Hitler.  Rommel, like many old line Prussians, was more or less apolitical.  Had the Communists gained power, he would have probably have served them with the same fervor and brillance

    •  see the Wikipedia article (3+ / 0-)
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      entlord, Frank Cocozzelli, SeaTurtle

      on Nathan Bedford Forrest. Assuming the accuracy of the article, his was a complicated, contradictory and controversial career. And the historical sources suggest that while yes, he distanced himself from the KKK and made a point of seeking reconciliation between the races towards the end of his life, he was also hauled before an investigating Congressional committee looking into the secret society that engaged in inducing rioting and murders, very possibly under Bedford's direction.  His biographer wrote:

       “In the spring of 1867, Forrest and his dragons launched a campaign of midnight parades; ‘ghost’ masquerades; and ‘whipping’ and even ‘killing Negro voters and white Republicans, to scare blacks off voting and running for office.’”

      It is also worth noting that Forrest was one of the richest men in the South prior to the war, having made his fortune as a slave trader.

      Frank's point is that Forrest is a symbol used by contemporary neo-Confederates, and his original leadership of the KKK during Reconstruction, is well known.

      •  neo Confederates are notoriously poor (2+ / 0-)

        historians as shown by their embrace of what can only be termed the CSA navy jack.  The CSA had several flags over its short life and the "Bonnie Blue Banner" is perhaps the one which is historically the closest to a counterpart to the Stars and Stripes.
        Actually Confederate units were more likely to fight under state and unit battle flags than a single national banner as under the CSA, each unit remained under the control of its individual state instead of being under a single federal control.  Later in the war, state governments would refuse to send units to defend Richmond on the grounds those troops were needed for home defense.  

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