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View Diary: Kos Katalogue: For the Love of Her Goats & the Many Wonderful Things You Can Find (163 comments)

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  •  I'm here.... (11+ / 0-)

    Enjoying reading all the comments and reccing all of them!

    I did have to run into town this morning which is over the mountain and 25 miles away.  A little kid somehow twisted her leg and broke the long bone.  She had pins inserted for healing and a big assed cast applied by the Vets and students at Oregon State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital.  She'll need another cast in four weeks, along with more x rays.

    She's in a quiet clean stall where her cast will stay nice and dry, where she'll get grain and hay, where she has the company of little April Moon, because they hate to be alone.  She's eating and comfortable, drinking, pooping, all good signs, hobbling around on her bum leg.

    Well, the point of all of this, thanks to the generous help of all of the kind Kossacks, I didn't have to hesitate when the vet said, can you spend 2 to 3 hundred dollars to treat her. Considering this should be over a thousand in another setting, and given that I had paid off the vet bill with donations from Kossacks, this little doe will become a large doe, and productive member of the herd.

    I drove home slowly over the mountain and around the curves so that it was easy on her in the crate in the back of the Subaru, but I did make sure to be here for the publication of this diary.

    So, playing, working.... with the goats, that is the truth!

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