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  •  Morning, all (13+ / 0-)

    Here is the Human Rights Watch statement regarding Snowden

    Countries Should Consider Snowden’s Asylum Claim Fairly

    As a result, Snowden could base a claim for asylum on the grounds that, if he were returned to the US, he would face serious harm on account of his political opinion – his view that the public must be informed of massive government intrusion on privacy rights. He could contend that since the law provides no reliable protection, defenses, or exceptions for whistleblowers, the prospect of prosecution, and possibly harsh sentencing, would cause him serious harm, as required under international refugee law.

    In addition, US prison conditions for both pre-trial detainees and people serving sentences can be onerous, including prolonged solitary confinement and other communication restrictions. Any country considering an extradition request from the United States would have to assess whether Snowden would be at risk of cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment if he were returned to the US for trial.

    Any country where Snowden seeks asylum should consider his claim fairly and protect his rights under international law. It may be that some countries most likely to resist US pressure to return him for prosecution themselves have poor records of protecting their own critics and dissidents. But that would be no reason for them to disregard the requirements of international refugee law in Snowden’s case.

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    by cosmic debris on Fri Jul 12, 2013 at 05:55:01 AM PDT

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