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    Oh Mary Oh, homo neurotic

    The Egyptians gave the attributes of their Platonic ideals, which is really what religions are, a more natural face. The Greek Natural Philosophy followed the Egyptian model and the gods of the Romans, Norse and Persians likewise.

    Their image of creation is exactly what we find in the Book of Genesis, a series of paired opposites starting with light and darkness refined as day and night. From Chaos came Mythos and from their coupling came Eros.

    Egyptian religion is based on a natural progression or sequence of events leading to a consequence that might be viewed as the cycle of the Sun's apparent travel around the earth from its rise to a zenith and its fall to a twilight continuing through the underworld to reemerge in a new dawn of rebirth and renewal.

    From that come all our ideas of an afterlife in heaven and hell. The goddess Ma'at places her feather of truth on the scales opposite the "ab" or heart soul of a man and those parts of his physical essence which don't measure up are cut off and fed to Sebek the crocodile.

    The Egyptians viewed the afterlife as a sort of purification of their physical being which if it could keep it all together through death would after it ceased to physically exist become a part of a supreme being which in philosophical terms didn't spatially exist and no longer was subject to Chronos or time and its sequences but is and was and will be what it is; something Real they thought of as the Cosmos and the consequence of everything that had been done before.

    As the Egyptians would describe the sequence, if we did things in the right order according to what was right and proper, in life  the "ab" or heart soul would seek its "ba" or the essence of its desire in a celebration of life symbolized by the warmth and power of "ra" the risen sun.

    In the twilight of life a higher essence or "ka" is discovered in "da" the spark of inspiration or self awareness that leads to a new "ba" the Greeks described as an "eros  for wisdom" thought of by the Egyptians as the travels of "ra" the sun through the underworld or dreams of the night.

    Their image of the heavens above and the earth below were Geb the earth as an erect young man one could imagine as a range of mountains reaching up for Nut the sky who formed an arch like a rainbow above him with her waters coming down to join them together erotically.

    On the ground there were images of "ba" everything that could be desired in the plants and animals that symbolized the richness of life and through the sky rode Ra the sun god with Ihys the moon god, Horus the hawk and the planets in the "ka" or higher plane.

    All of the paired opposites, Male and Female, Air, Earth, Fire and Water, created a Synthesis from Thesis and Antithesis; Synthesis was paired with Hypothesis as Motion and Rest or Eros and Holos.

    Parenthesis or adding something more on besides eventually led to a base set of 42 nome gods and a pantheon of ideals such as truth, beauty, wisdom, craftsmanship, basically the concept of Esthesis, a natural order (Logos and Chronos) of Metathesis, and as their concept of what was right and proper developed over time it expanded to be a theory of everything called Cosmos.

    Live Free or Die --- Investigate, Incarcerate

    by rktect on Wed Jul 10, 2013 at 12:25:10 AM PDT

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