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View Diary: North Carolina: The People's Fight To Regain Sanity In A GOP-Owned State (Videos) (36 comments)

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  •  So have other states, otherwise ALEC (4+ / 0-)

    wouldn't be writing legislation in so many states across the U.S.

    ALEC has met with varied success but is being disturbingly persistent. Many of the bills and laws that came forward in Colorado in the past couple years feature the very same language as bills coming forward here in North Carolina. VERBATIM the same, not just similar.

    The tea party stars came into alignment in November 2012, by a very slim margin.

    What makes North Carolina's sudden speed toward rabid conservatism is the fact that this is all so out of character for our state. Thanks a heap, Citizens United! You've allowed a few people with deep pockets to pay their way into our government. Including Art Pope, our new (and unelected) state budget director and legislative liaison from the governor's office.

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