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View Diary: Some GOP women beginning to notice that GOP menfolk not good at the abortion stuff (133 comments)

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  •  Always remember and never forget... (13+ / 0-)

    1) that women are NOT explicitly protected under the Constitution.

    2) a person's vote is NOT explicitly protected under the Constitution.

    If you are an American woman of voting age and eligibility who does not vote, you are an idiot.  Our full citizenship rests on very, very unsteady foundations.  

    I have made acquaintences with conservatives who were self-proclaimed "Constitutional fundamentalists."  Always male, oddly enough.... One such person told me that after the Bill of Rights, the other amendments to the Constitution were suspect and could be called into question.

    "Why are you talking to me?" I asked.

    "Because you asked me to clarify my point..."

    "No...why are you talking to ME at all?  My very citizenship can be called into question, according to you.  Why are you talking to ME?"

    I ended the conversation there.

    Believe me, if women started to rise up, all uppity with their votes and everything....somehow, we'd find out that the Equal Rights Amendment WAS important after all.

    Cast 'em while ya got 'em.

    •  Great conversation. Curious to know if his (0+ / 0-)

      synapses started working after that jolt. Well said. A conversation I'll have to remember. Yes, "constitutional fundammentalists" appear to be 95% male. Time to start taking out my handy ACLU free copy of Constitution & Bill of Rights, read it in public and field questions.

      Help Senator Warren. Encourage people to co-sponsor her bills, & the bills she has cosponsored. Elect Ed Markey.

      by CuriousBoston on Wed Jul 10, 2013 at 02:39:47 PM PDT

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