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    Not a few Muslim women like being hidden from head to toe when they go out in public, not being allowed to go out without a male, not being allowed to drive, and so on.

    Some people like being in prison or the military where life's major decisions are made for them.

    But I think a great many women in America who were raised (and are being raised) as subservient second-class citizens are slowly catching on. I think two things are contributing to that:

    One, oddly, is the Phyllis Schafley / Ann Coulter group of right wing commentators. They preach the woman staying at home, quiet and subservient, but are out front, making money and stating their views.

    The second thing is television. We stopped watching it years ago, but it's even obvious to us that there are a lot of outspoken and independent women on TV, be they on talk shows or characters in shows. This is one reason preachers talk against TV so vehemently.

    So, two things that are no good are having a good result: women, and especially repressed women, have been catching on to the fact that they're human beings and not chattel. It's a slow motion result, but it seems to be popping up a lot more in the last five years.

    What does this mean? Democrats traditionally do better with female voters, both because our policies are more caring and humane, and because we don't believe women are scum. Conservatives have always belittled women.

    But even the obedient kitchen-and-bedroom-and-shut-your-trap Republican woman is looking in the mirror and realizing that that is wrong. They're getting tired of a political party that belittles and humiliates them.

    And they're breaking the bonds of Conservatism and voting for Democrats in larger and larger numbers. In the next few years I fully expect to see women begin voting for Democrats in the same percentages that Hispanics, African-Americans, and Asians are voting now.

    And it would be a real shame if Democrats didn't make that easier for them to do.

    A Southerner in Yankeeland

    To save your life read "Pity The Billionaire" by Thomas Frank, and "Winner-Take-All-Politics" by Jacob S. Hacker and Paul Pierson. Then read more books.

    by A Southerner in Yankeeland on Tue Jul 09, 2013 at 04:04:57 PM PDT

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