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  •  Not according to U.S. EPA (1+ / 0-)
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    U.S. EPA has not accepted those Howarth/Ingraffea findings predicting that because their calculation on the methane emission characterization.

    I don't foresee that the Howarth/Ingraffea findings for methane emission characterization will ever be accepted by U.S. EPA and used for emission inventory purposes because they didn't survive peer review without many convincing comments attacking the assumptions made in the paper about the level of control and capture of methane typically occurring under present oil and gas industry practices.

    When I mean 'accepted by EPA' I mean that EPA didn't use the Howarth/Ingraffea emission determination when they published their most recent methane and GHG emission inventory that covered the oil and gas industry.

    Sierra Club, for example, should not be citing the Howarth/Ingraffea paper and trying to intimate that it reflects a scientific concensus concerning the methane emission characterization from oil and natural gas well drilling, well completion and production operations -- it does not represent a scientific concensus and the paper is unlikely to be influential in the future in the scientific and engineering process of emission factor and emission inventory determination.

    •  The manipulation (0+ / 0-)

      of the regulatory apparatus in favor of exploitation serves to dismiss or hide too many effects.
      I don't trust scientists in the pay of corporations to tell the whole truth.

      •  a scientific determination that is an emission (0+ / 0-)

        characterization using emission factors to develop emission inventories is a scientific and not a political process.   EPA, the states and scientific and technical organizations are all involved in this process.....and, it is not a political process.

        It all goes on with opportunities for public comment and participation.

        You can read more about EPA's scientific and engineering process for emission factor and inventory determination here:

        See specific information on how the emission determination process is connected to rulemaking covering the oil and gas industry and their regulation under the Clean Air Act that Josh Fox denies here:

        [this is a rulemaking binding on the oil and gas industry carried out under the authority of the Clean Air Act that Josh Fox fraudulently denies exists in the Act.]

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