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  •  Define "the medical community"... (2+ / 0-)
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    gffish, Mathazar

    Research needs funding.  Funding comes from either the federal government (Admittedly, doled out by the fairly competent NIH, which has its own fairly rigorous process for deciding what to fund) or corporations.  The latter clearly don't represent the "medical community".  The former are a fairly small subset of that community, using guidelines that ultimately come from people most definitely not part of that community.

    And what do you mean by "not pro-active", exactly, anyways?

    •  Medical community in my argument is directed... (0+ / 0-)

      Mostly at doctors.  

      So perhaps I should say doctors instead of the medical community.  However, the medical community as a whole is conflicted and the community itself does include researchers, chemists, anyone working in a laboratory, etc.

      When I'm referring to the medical community, I'm not blaming everyone in the medical community on the autism issue in case that's what you're wondering.  I'm just referring to the community as whole, has not been consistent and united on the autism issue from the get-go.

      Psychiatrists though (and knowing a good one myself) do have more insight on the issues of autism and ADD/ADHD but so far have not found any medications that have been known to treat autistic children or adults.  There are treatment methods but they don't depend on medication.  I understand, from my mother (who has told me a lot on autistic treatment methods) that they aren't medicine-based but more therapy based.  

      But the issue here is that, even therapy in treating autistic children is not enough to stop the tide of autism.  With plenty of autistic children having such treatment options, there are still other more worse off autistic children who just can't be treated.

      But this issue was never a problem in the 1950's or I believe 1960's so how has it all of a sudden become an epidemic today?  

      And that's where I point out the lack of proactiveness among the medical community.  There are lots of researchers on autism (non-Dr. Wakefield followers) who have been proactive for years in making the whole medical community aware of things.  However, doctors and others who practice the medicine and the regular care have been for years not taking a stand on this.  Perhaps I haven't kept up to date on this but knowing my mother, if there's been any advancement on this front, she'd have heard about it by now.  She's been to just about every autism group in the U.S., particularly Autism Speaks (which former U.S. Senate Candidate Elizabeth Emken is apart of).

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