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View Diary: Let's take back the Democratic Party from the Clinton-Obama machine! (173 comments)

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  •  Again, pretty sad. (2+ / 0-)
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    unfangus, blacksnake

    Lilly Ledbetter vs. the Civil Rights Act.

    A few EPA rulings vs. the EPA legislation itself.

    Even sadder:

    Obamacare vs. Medicare.

    As for LGBT equality issues, the Democratic Party had to be pushed and "evolve" for years.  They brought up the rear rather than lead.

    •  Brought up the rear? (2+ / 0-)
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      CoyoteMarti, amyzex

      Where are the Republicans?

      Since the Civil Rights Act had already passed, it would be hard to re-pass it. Same with the EPA legislation. It is the regulations that count now.

      If you were a woman, LL is pretty important.

      Where exactly do you think we would be if Clinton and Obama had lost? If you use the strawman that some other Democrat would have been better, well, "a better Democrat" did not win the nomination.

      We live in a democratic republic. I learned a long time ago that the American people don't always agree with me about who should be President. My best option is working for the best person as nominee and then working for the nominee who can win who will further social justice - imperfect as they are always going to be and as slow as that process is. I don't know when you think there was a more socially just government anywhere - not to say that it does not stand improving. Just Dr. King was correct - we are moving toward justice and whatever I can do to help that along, I will do - including voting for people who don't do everything I want.

      You can't scare me, I'm sticking to the Union - Woody Guthrie

      by sewaneepat on Wed Jul 10, 2013 at 08:17:37 AM PDT

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    •  And when did evolving get to be bad? (3+ / 0-)
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      CoyoteMarti, amyzex, sebastianguy99

      Do you think people didn't evolve on civil rights for African Americans? Do you think it emerged full grown from Zeus' head? Here are some things that led to people evolving - 4 little girls being blown up; students sitting peacefully at lunch counters; dogs and fire hoses; then as times got better - sports; I Spy, Julia, All in the Family  and other TV shows; getting to know people at work and school who are "different" from you.

      For LGBT rights, here are some things that helped people evolve - Matthew Shepherd; Ellen, Will and Grace and other TV shows; LGBT people coming out so that everyone realizes that they have friends, family, co-workers who are LGBT.

      If you look at the history of any struggle, people have to evolve. That is to be praised IMO; otherwise, you are putting people who do evolve into the same category with those who never think, question, or learn from experiences.

      You can't scare me, I'm sticking to the Union - Woody Guthrie

      by sewaneepat on Wed Jul 10, 2013 at 08:45:10 AM PDT

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