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  •  I think that every single second, dollar, and (2+ / 0-)
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    SanFernandoValleyMom, auapplemac

    action henceforth should be a united, concerted effort to educate all demographics on how to meet and defeat GOP efforts to suppress the votes of the poor, young, old,  minorities, women, LGBT, and middle class workers. Joining en masse is the only way to defeat these monsters.  Every person who wants to vote should be ready, willing, and able to at the polls.  We've got to make every person WANT to exercise that right and nimbly jump through whatever hoops we have to in order to do so.

    It's time for our super-rich Dems (entrepreneurs, Hollywood, athletes, music stars, et al) to step up to the plate and give back to their communities by investing  some of their time and money in helping people afford the ridiculous fees and fines they will encounter when trying to meet new GOP voting requirements.  It's not right or fair, but it is what it is.  No one should lose their right to vote because they don't have the money, transportation, mobility, or other means to obtain the newly required "IDs" (snort).

    The GOP's rich donors have poured in mega-tons of $$$ to make their dreams of oppression a reality.  I know they are not the only ones in the world who have money.  There ARE rich Dems, too.

    IMO, any marches that do not focus on empowering those who are powerless, by teaching them what they need to do to vote these haters out of power, is a far less effective use of time.  To prevent more murders like Trayvon Martin's, we need to vote in people who will change laws like "Stand Your Ground" and unbridled gun ownership by any and every nut jot in every state.  If we want to wear hoodies while we GOTV, fine.  People will understand what those symbols represent.

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