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View Diary: NOT BREAKING!!! Think Tanks Climate Change Denial and the Media/Policy Landscape (56 comments)

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  •  Two quibbles... (0+ / 0-)
    By 2001,George W. Bush’s speeches insisted on the use of sound science.
    I would clarify this statement by saying "By 2001, former oil company executive and then-President ...".  Don't assume your students know the full background of someone who may be, for them, a historical figure.  
    For all this talk of wanting sound science, are these think tanks actually pursuing the truth?  Dunlap and Jacques studied 108 climate change denial books written before the year 2011 and found that 1)  most have very strong ties to right wing think tanks, with the relationship decreasing among self-published books...
    No problem here, but:
    ... and 2)that 90% are not peer-reviewed.
    Are books often peer-reviewed?  I do not believe so, in the way that research articles get peer-reviewed and potentially revised or blocked from publication.  I'm pretty sure that books are edited, not peer-reviewed.  Scientific textbooks are based upon peer-reviewed published literature.  The stuff coming out of think tanks just has to sound good to the intended audience, reality and facts be damned.  Most of the think tank articles and reports I've read either cite other far right wing junk (even blogs) as authoritative or quote-mine to twist the meaning of their sources.

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