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View Diary: More Mystery Surrounds Canadian Ghost Train: Where are the locomotives? (160 comments)

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  •  Absolutely had to (7+ / 0-)

    have run unmanned through town if indeed they were in front all along. Your map and graph is so helpful to me to fathom what happened, so thanks for this great update!

    I'm a train buff from a line of train buffs, grandfather [aka: DaddyPop] was a telegrapher and always visited us by train wherever we were when I was growing up, because he could travel free several times a year. My parents spent their honeymoon at the NS Loop lodge here at the bottom of our half-mile driveway, on their way to Louisville from Florida. I've seen some train stuff in our years here, for sure.

    I can picture this one without much trouble, it's the detail of brake release at the top of the grade that has me stumped. Engineer said he set the handbrakes, deadman should have been engaged prior to turning off the engine. Apparently wasn't (and I don't think it would work if the engine's not running). Maybe THAT mystery is why they're treating it as a crime scene.

    This is West, Texas-like in its disaster-ness, but with more casualties. Because of that, I don't wonder too much about why the incoming info is so garbled.

    Thanks again for keeping track!

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