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View Diary: More Mystery Surrounds Canadian Ghost Train: Where are the locomotives? (160 comments)

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    This is interesting because the traction motors on each loco axle would exert braking force. Rolling them downhill causes them to become generators.

    When this is done on purpose it is called dynamic braking, but it generates so much current that big resistor grids are used to burn off the energy as heat.

    Dunno but suspect the motors, if pushed downhill like that, would burn up without the resistors switched in.

    On these locos the Diesel engine runs a huge generator which powers large DC motors on each axle. There's no mechanical transmission.

    Thump! Bang. Whack-boing. It's dub!

    by dadadata on Thu Jul 11, 2013 at 04:30:15 PM PDT

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