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  •  Non-profit Capitalism, huh? (0+ / 0-)

    Now you're getting desperate.

    Government efforts to ameliorate the many ill effects of Capitalism through regulation and redistribution are not part of Capitalism itself.  That's like saying that quinine is part of malaria.

    The core of Capitalism is maximizing return on Capital, i.e. profits.  That's where the term comes from.

    I can understand your discomfort with admitting that the Capitalist's one and only goal is maximizing profits.  That exposes just how ugly and murderous a system it is.

    •  I didn't say "non-profit" capitalism (0+ / 0-)

      just that capitalism is vastly more complex than that.  Of course profits can be made in capitalism.

      Anyways, since you seem confused, here's the main Wikipedia entry on the topic

      The larger point is just because abuses occur under capitalism, they are not necessarily the fault of the system  - heck, terrible abuses have resulted from virtually every system of organization that humans have ever devised (you know, religion, communism, organized sports, etc).

      IOW, methinks your beef is more with human nature than anything else.

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