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  •  Adam Kokesh was arrested last night... (9+ / 0-)

    on weapons and drug charges.  Who knew brandishing a weapon illegally and then recording it and putting it on YouTube would cause the police to serve you with a warrant?  And then you DON'T get rid of the hallucinogenic mushrooms at your place??  Adam's friends are complaining that police showed up with armored vehicles and swat gear, but sheesh, what did you expect when you constantly rant and rave about starting an armed "revolution", and everyone with a brain knows you're heavily armed, and you just posted a video showing yourself blatantly breaking a law you don't like?

    His roommate had this ironic line when talking to reporters.

    Darryl Young, Kokesh's roommate and a political activist, defended Kokesh's actions.

    "The point is we have the right to bear arms in all states," he said. "We shouldn't set standards of laws by imaginary lines called borders. In the state of Virginia, it's an open carry state where you can legally open carry, but in the District [of Columbia], the only people allowed to walk with firearms are the criminals themselves."

    Um, I believe that's EXACTLY what you "states rights" people actually think.  Ah, libertarianism.

    Adam's girlfriend whom I described before posted this on Facebook shortly after the police left.

    Just got raided by the Feds dressed in swat gear, with helicopters, armored vehicles and a fuck ton of dictatorial peons who call themselves "enforcers" of "the law." They broke in the door, threw a flash bang, detained all in the house with NO CHARGES and refused to produce a warrant until they left the house in CHAOS. Ya, gonna go ahead and say AMERICA IS A POLICE STATE and if you think you're free, it's pretty clear you're a slave. PEACE AND LOVE, NOT GUNS AND FORCE. Thx.
    And then in response to several friends asking WTF just happened to her, she wrote:
    They gave no reason. It was at my boyfriend's house outside DC. It is because he is a political activist who isn't afraid of them. They took him.

    Never mind he is a peace activist lol all that matters is that he is a threat because he wakes people up to the tyranny of this govt. so tyrannical in fact that I was taking a shower, threw on a dress (and crated his dog so he wouldnt get shot) and sat for almost three hours while they repeatedly ignored my requests to let me use the restroom for feminine purposes.

    Yes.  "Peace activist".  I think she has "fear-of-not-angering-you-by-intimidation" confused with "peace".  Though if she's correct about the police not letting her use the bathroom, does she have a lawsuit on her hands?  Though I suspect because of the drugs, they wouldn't want someone using the bathroom and then flushing evidence down the toilet either.

    Today, she posted a photo of the dog that she claims would certainly have been shot by police had she not crated him at once, and of clothes on the floor from when the police searched the place.

    And to think in 2008 she was a liberal Obama supporter, wasn't so fervent on guns, and didn't know what the deal with the gold standard was.

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