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  •  Agreed, but careful thought suggests... (0+ / 0-)

    ...that this may be a good thing.

    I realize it's "scary" to some, just as flying in commercial aircraft is scary to some and they instead chose more dangerous forms of transport such as private vehicles, but that's emotion driven rather than data driven and has no more place in public policy than teaching that the Earth is 6000 years old does.

    The shift in CCW laws has been dramatic over the past 25+ years. In 1986, only nine states had permissive "shall issue" or "unrestricted" (no permit required) for CCW while now only about eight states don't have such permissive CCW laws.

    If this shift were a problem, there should be plenty of convincing statistical evidence that it substantially increases crime, or violent crime, or firearms deaths, or even just firearms deaths due to CCW. However, that's not the case.

    Personally, if I lived in a neighborhood where .5% of the residents were criminals with a violent past, I'd feel quite a bit safer in a "shall issue" or "unrestricted" state than in a "may issue" or "no issue" state. I feel completely comfortable in a public place where I may be surrounded by people carrying concealed weapons legally -- indeed more comfortable than if there were none carrying legally concealed weapons around me (because I know there are some irresponsible criminals who are carrying illegal concealed weapons).

    I would agree if one is an arrogant asshole who picks fights with people and beats them up just to be a "bad ass" they might be concerned about the populace carrying concealed weapons. Since I don't fit in that category, it doesn't bother me (yes, I know, elitist of me).

    •  Good for you. (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      I happen to be a licensed gun owner, with a NYS "License to Carry Pistol" issued over four decades ago --- after having  passed a very extensive background check by state and federal authorities, in addition to (incidentally) having my application endorsed by my (then) county chief of detectives.

      I would only ask that others permitted to carry arms would be required to pass similar scrutiny, similar to what is called for here:

      NY SAFE Act

      Any problem with that?

      •  I favor objective, achievable requirements. (0+ / 0-)

        Although I'm comfortable with "unrestricted" carry (i.e., no permit required, although felons and other excluded parties may be banned from carrying), I favor reasonable permitting requirements.

        These requirements should/could:

        • Include reasonable training requirements. Both theoretical (laws, responsibility, safe operation of firearms in defense situations) and practical applied training. A person of average capabilities with a little prior experience with handguns should be able to complete this with perhaps 30 hours of effort.
        • Fees that no more than cover the cost of processing the application, are capped at a reasonable level (perhaps $250 in 2013 dollars), and with a subsidy for very low income individuals.
        • Periodic (perhaps every three to five years) renewal requirements that have require only nominal fees (perhaps $50) and require no more than one hour for the average person.
        • Training and testing requirements include reasonable accommodations for those with disabilities where those disabilities, mental or physical, do not prevent safe handling and use of a firearm.
        • Excludes those who fail reasonable objective criteria such as having a violent felony conviction or having been adjudged to be mentally incompetent. Such restrictions should not exclude a significant percentage of the population.

        Obviously, the minutia is open to discussion -- I just picked some numbers for "scope" purposes. However, overall, the process should be, at worst, only slightly more difficult and costly then getting and maintaining a driver's license (note most states make it too easy to get a driver's license - ref. over 30K traffic deaths a year in the US vs. only a tiny number of deaths resulting from unjustified use of CCW although there are about 8 million CCW permits - not counting states where NO permit is required).

        I do not support anything that requires the subjective approval of any person, including employees, elected or not, of the government. Unfortunately that results in only wealthy and politically connected individual being able to get CCW permits in some areas (including areas I have lived in).

        As far as the link you provided, I have no opinion as I can't quickly find any reference to CCW permits on there.

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