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View Diary: And if Zimmerman gets Convicted, Will there be a White Riot? (137 comments)

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  •  if I am on the jury (19+ / 0-)

    no way I believe Zimmerman got out of the car to find an address,  I believe he was looking for Martin.   If he's looking for Martin, he's the aggressor until facts show he wasn't.  If Martin punched him hard enough to break his nose, shouldn't it have caused a surface abrasion big enough to leave DNA on his knuckle?  

    If Zimmernman was on the ground on the sidewalk, getting pounded on badly enough to give him fear for his life, how did the fatal shot get fired 25-30 feet away in the grass.  And why was that portion of the fight never  mentioned in his statements to the police.

    Shouldn't there have been that 'and then I wiggled away, tried to get away, he jumped me again in the grass, got his hand on the gun (again leaving no DNA) and I got it back and shot him while he was sitting on top of me pinned to the ground and I still got the gun out from under my butt with an extra 170 pounds on top of me.

    Reasonable doubts have to be reasonable.   Miraculous travel on your back with someone on top of you for 25 feet?  Defies the laws of physics.

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