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  •  Unisex works okay, but... (2+ / 0-)

    there are actually some practical issues that can come up.

    When it's a relatively small restroom and the demand is moderate-to-low (as it often is in many places) this isn't likely to be a problem. It can use entirely stalls and still have the capacity needed for the number of people it serves without having to be the size of an auditorium. Since all parts must meet ADA standards (and rightly so) this puts a set of limits on what you can put in a certain amount of space. So many restrooms could be unisex right now without any practical disruption (I don't count anything but this kind, since the gender-prudes' problems are not what I would consider "practical" in any way.)

    It's when you get to larger restrooms in high demand situations (any large building with a lot of users and traffic) that it can be a whole other problem. There are regulations in every local building code about how many "spaces" and other features (like access aids) must be put in public restrooms, before we even get to the ADA requirements. It's a logistical problem that's not as easy to solve as we might think at first glance.

    The real key to keeping the things a manageable size is, unfortunately, to have some facilities that are (to put it bluntly) unusable by anyone without a penis. The main reason men's restrooms have urinals is to increase how many people can use them in a given space (and thus, span of time as well.) It's why, even though there are probably quite a few more men than women at the average NFL game and the arena seems to have equal numbers and sizes of restrooms for both genders, there's still always lines for the women's restrooms but not the men's. It's a space advantage in the fixtures, nothing more, but it let's the guys get through the space much quicker because there are actually more facilities per person than in the women's restrooms.

    This is what I mean why I say that unisex is fine but it has some problems. We might well be able to overcome them with better design, but it couldn't all just be done by relabeling doors. We'd have to make at least large building owners rebuild (and quite probably enlarge) the spaces themselves to meet all the necessary requirements.

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    by Stwriley on Thu Jul 11, 2013 at 09:51:20 AM PDT

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