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View Diary: Rand Paul defends hiring 'Southern Avenger' aide, says he has 'zero tolerance' for discrimination (73 comments)

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  •  'I've seen no evidence of that,' he said... (1+ / 0-)
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    ...with his eyes tightly closed.
    In the mid-90s, in NYC, I once left my car -- a VW GTI -- parked in a pay lot close by NYU, in the Village, for a few hours.
    When we came back, the grille had been stolen right off the front of the car.  (I learned that this happened a lot with that model, for some reason.)
    We tried to file a claim w/ the lot owners, who replied that they found "no evidence" that the theft had occurred while the vehicle was garaged with them.
    (The presence of the grille on the vehicle when we parked it, and its absence upon our return, apparently didn't count as "evidence.")
    A new corollary to Matt 7:7, it seems:  "Don't seek, and ye shall not find."
    The Publican Bible does appear to be somewhat different from those of everyone else...

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