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View Diary: Louie Gohmert fights for amendment restricting military response to proselytizing, other behaviors (78 comments)

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  •  What a crock that Gomert idiot! (6+ / 0-)

    I served with a lot of good people in the military, and they belonged to all sorts of religions, and some to none at all. But every once in a while, you had to deal with a dyed in the wool ASSHAT, who thought his or her religion was the end all and the be all, and if you didn't agree, then it was their holy duty to harass you at work or even bother you at unholy hours of the morning in the barracks.

    It sounds pretty harmless, and but it's very annoying, especially in such close quarters and with high stress jobs. And the worst was dealing with people in your chain of command, who outranked you. Those people could really cause trouble for you.

    People have had to deal with losing security clearances over them being religious minorities, because the Christians were pissed, that they had to share a boat or a deployment or a base with someone of another faith. And it's bullshit.

    Regulations clearly state that Supremacist behaviors and ideologies will not be tolerated in the service, and that applies to religion as well.

    And that the Dept of Defense supports the First Amendment Rights of all service members, in so much as belonging to the church of their choice, or abstaining from religion entirely. And to do so, without having to live in the holy freaken closet.

    Gomert can shove it up his ass, because if he pushes this issue, and encourages enough zealots in the services to violate Katcoff V. Marsh, then there will be no reason to sustain a Chaplaincy at all. Because the whole point of that case was to challenge certain commands that coerced or outright forced their members to go to chapel, and not just any chapel either. And that violates the very core of our first freedoms and any individual's Freedom of Conscience.

    He's such an effing whiner--he doesn't even know how good his Christian brethren have it. He's got his undies in a bunch, because he's a Christian Supremacist, who thinks that no other faiths should be visible or have access to the same services, resources, or rights as his faith.

    Well if that's how he likes it, I can think of some Theocracies he can move to. They might force him to convert though first.

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