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  •  Sir or madam, respectfully (3+ / 0-)

    there are actually dozens of studies that:

    1. link the waste fluid disposal practice that uses injection wells common with hydrofracking to earthquakes. You should know this. Your own industry piloted those studies and actually accepts them.

    2. A UK study 2 years ago directly linked a number of very tiny earthquakes in a shale play to the hydrofracking occuring in the area.

    3. link fluid disposal and injection of any type, from toxic waste disposal to geothermal energy production to earthquakes. We've known we can do this for over half a century now.

    4. link human activities that raise or change the pore pressure (like reservoirs and dams) to earthquakes. Another thing we've known since we filled Lake Mead.

    So before you call bullshit? I suggest you do some homework. These are just three in a body of research, going back decades, that say it's pretty easy to make your own earthquakes if you're not careful. That's why I happen to know your industry actually has steps to avoid them.

    (and need I mention the process of dewatering a petroleum field can ALSO cause earthquakes? It appears it was the cause of the 2011 Oklahoma earthquake. I was skeptical too. I'm not anymore.)

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