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View Diary: Hall of Famer Speaks Out In Bee On His Family's Tragedy And Patient Safety (7 comments)

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  •   If she didn't get the narcotics (0+ / 0-)

    it would've been alcohol or street drugs. Taking the cap away will skyrocket malpractice premiums and raise costs for everyone. California is known to be the star of success in the malpractice cost world, an example for the rest of the country. The deterrence value of lawsuits works in the environmental area against rich corporations. It's not an appropriate strategy for doctors. Non-meritorious suits plummeted with the cap on non-economic damages. Instead make all prescriptions electronic and connected so you can't dispense it without seeing a red flag.  Or  improve and finance addiction treatment programs. Don't pulverize the docs.

    •  The points raised do not reflect your premises: (0+ / 0-)
      The law is one size fits all, no matter how clear the negligence or how catastrophic the injury or loss. It sets a fixed cap on the value of a child's life, and does the same to others whose quality of life is destroyed when their limbs, or vision, or ability to have a child are taken away by negligent doctors.

      It's time to adjust this 37-year-old cap so it is in line with the cost of living. Recently Barry Keene, the author of the law, came forward to say it should be indexed for inflation, and that was always the Legislature's intent.

      There is no danger malpractice insurance rates will rise. Since 1988, California's malpractice insurance rates have been tightly regulated.

      I don't suppose there could be any other reason for this:
      Non-meritorious suits plummeted with the cap on non-economic damages
      I do not live in CA.  However, in the area of the state in which I do reside, there are very very reputable & distinguished attorneys who take a few malpractice cases a year with caveat:  Profit.
    •  Let's hope that you never have to experience (0+ / 0-)

      med mal directly, and then have to cope with the aftermath. Doctors are human, yes, and the risks to which they expose others through their practices should be collectively shared (via insurance).

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      by peregrine kate on Thu Jul 11, 2013 at 10:38:57 PM PDT

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