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View Diary: Is there a hidden agenda in Obamacare? (31 comments)

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    The present scenario goes something like this:

    Parents: Son, we really wish we could help pay for our granddaughter's cleft palate surgery, but we just can't go back to sharing a bathroom.
    But the future will be:
    Parents: On no! Son, now that you're on our insurance policy we're now liable for all of your deductibles and copays. Because that is how insurance works apparently. Now we will have to go into debt to pay for our granddaughter's medical needs, and may lose the house..  
    CEO of Aetna (to Chairman of Our Lady of Mercy Hospital, President of American Psychological Association, and Bank of America Vice President for Home Mortgages): Hahaha, things are beginning to fall into place. And to think, you once called our plan "confusing and needlessly complex."

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