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View Diary: So why didn't Zimmerman Fight Back? (133 comments)

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  •  I do think he's told some lies/exagerrations (5+ / 0-)

    However, just because he may lie to make himself look better does not automatically mean that his entire story is fabricated and that he is guilty.  Especially when there is some physical evidence--like his wounds and the patterns of wetness/grass stains on clothes--and some testimony that help back up his version of events at least in a basic form.

    For example, it doesn't look like his face was hit as many times as claimed or his head bashed against the cement as many times as claimed.  But the wounds make it appear that he was hit in the face and did have his head hit against the cement at least a few times.  Expert witnesses have backed that up too.

    •  All of his exaggerations (16+ / 0-)

      seem to have a deliberate purpose, to create a situation where he has no fault in what happens while he himself was in a "life threatening" situation.  About to pass out, but no evidence of concussion - he's was reaching for/grabbing my gun, but no prints or dna on the gun. He said 'You're gonna die", but that doesn't come out on ANY of the various 9-11 tapes, etc.

      It's a very methodical deliberate set of fabrications designed to hide George's responsibility and guilt. He's hiding some shit.  If he truly is as innocent as he claims, he wouldn't need to create such a specific set of embellishments that only justify him in using deadly force.  He admits nothing, NOTHING, against his own interests - unless it's serves to further his case "I have a bad memory, didn't know the street name..." which is why he's wandering around in circles supposedly NOT looking for Trayvon, but not getting any closer to his own car either.

      His defense is that he's a neighborhood watch guy that doesn't know his own neighborhood?  Really?

      •  Making yourself look better does not mean guilt (1+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        johnny wurster

        It simply means you're making yourself look better.  Even if you assume that some of the things are lies and exaggerations, the underlying facts backed up by evidence are still there, and it's still hard to disprove beyond reasonable doubt that it was self-defense.

        The moment that we found out that Zimmerman actually did have those wounds and that there weren't any good eyewitnesses to the fight, this case became virtually unwinnable for any serious charges against him.

        •  One addendum (2+ / 0-)
          Recommended by:
          gzodik, VClib

          This is a jury case so any result is possible (see: Casey Anthony).  I just meant based on the law and evidence it SHOULD be virtually unwinnable.

        •  I would normally think not (5+ / 0-)

          but he goes beyond just a few exaggerations to some out an out physically impossible whoppers to create a scenario that provides ONLY for increasing plausibility of his self-defense claim.

          •  I did not hear anything physically impossible (0+ / 0-)

            I did hear some strawmen versions from the Prosecution that were physically impossible though.  Like claiming that all these things (smashing his head against the ground, punching his face, and smothering his mouth and nose) were happening at the same time when obviously that is not the claim actually being made.  Or that claiming that he couldn't reach the gun because because Trayvon's knees were up to his armpits as if that was the one and only position during the altercation.  That too is not what Zimmerman claimed.

            There were also some improbabilities (like the number of blows he claimed) that I have already said that I thought were exaggerations, though not actually physically impossible.  Just unlikely, and so I do not accept them with much value.

        •  Look better? The lies were to make himself look (0+ / 0-)

          more in danger, cause to be in fear of his life or great bodily harm.

          Trayvon seeing and going for the gun (that was holstered, tucked in pants on his back) and saying "You're gonna die tonight ***" would be scary.
          Also impossible from what zimmerman was describing
          He knew police were on the way

          25 or 30 head slams and nose punches, pretty scary.
          If you can shoot to kill after 1 or 2 punches (punching the nose can also explain minor head wounds as he fell back) that means if you ever sense you are losing a fight, whoever started it, you can kill and keep your record perfect.

    •  I assume you're willing to concede the same thing (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      Dr Swig Mcjigger

      about the inconsistencies in Rachel Jeantel's testimony then?  None of those negate the important parts of her testimony either.

    •  So kill a kid? zimHole is a reckless dangerous man (0+ / 0-)

      and needs to be locked up to protect the rest of us from his armed stupidity.

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