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View Diary: So why didn't Zimmerman Fight Back? (133 comments)

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  •  I would normally think not (5+ / 0-)

    but he goes beyond just a few exaggerations to some out an out physically impossible whoppers to create a scenario that provides ONLY for increasing plausibility of his self-defense claim.

    •  I did not hear anything physically impossible (0+ / 0-)

      I did hear some strawmen versions from the Prosecution that were physically impossible though.  Like claiming that all these things (smashing his head against the ground, punching his face, and smothering his mouth and nose) were happening at the same time when obviously that is not the claim actually being made.  Or that claiming that he couldn't reach the gun because because Trayvon's knees were up to his armpits as if that was the one and only position during the altercation.  That too is not what Zimmerman claimed.

      There were also some improbabilities (like the number of blows he claimed) that I have already said that I thought were exaggerations, though not actually physically impossible.  Just unlikely, and so I do not accept them with much value.

      •  That is what Zimmeran claimed (11+ / 0-)

        He said Trayvon grabbed his face and covered his nose - yet he was able to keep yelling without being muffled.  

        That's impossible.

        Also he was punching and smashing his head and reaching for his gun.  Those are Zimmerman's words.  He said all that. It's on tape, it's not a prosecution "strawman" they were quoting him.  That was his description of what happened.

        The gun was behind his right hip according to where he indicated it's position on the walk-thru, supposedly under them both and under Trayvon's left leg - which Zimmerman claimed had slid upward to his armpit after he shimmed down to get his head off the concrete.  That's when Trayvon saw the gun, said "You're gonna die" - reached for it, Zimmerman got it first and fired.

        That's his story he told it several times.  That's not possible.  

        Trayvon could not have seen the all black gun, in the all black holster underneath the guy he was on top of.  He couldn't have reached for it - BEHIND HIM - where his own leg was blocking it.

        Zimmerman's story doesn't make sense.

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