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View Diary: So why didn't Zimmerman Fight Back? (133 comments)

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    Everything happened just as the facts are known.  Perhaps everything happened just as Zimmerman has described as well.  What cannot be denied was that Zimmerman was following Martin and armed with a gun.  All Martin would have needed to do was SEE that Zimmerman was armed and he would reasonably have felt that this "creepy-assed cracker", a stalker who had been following him for a while, is now a dangerously armed person.  

    At that point, when he is in fear for his life, is he not allowed to fight for his life?  Is he not allowed to punch Zimmerman?  Is he not allowed to use the concrete sidewalk as a weapon to defend himself?  If Martin had been armed with a gun, would he have been justified in shooting and killing Zimmerman - considering that Martin feared for his life?

    Would Martin, as a young black man, been justified in "standing his ground"?  If Martin was now on trial for the murder of a "non-African American", would he have a stronger defense, considering that Zimmerman had stalked him with a gun?

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