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  •  This is the attitudes most black teenagers face (4+ / 0-)
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    When i moved into a mostly white neighborhood, my 3 grandsons would visit. Any time they would walk to the basketball court or pool, someone called the cops. The cops would either get here before they got home, stop them and ask what are you up to. Sometimes they get here, but  as they are about to enter the house, the cops sometimes two or three cars, stop them and do the same thing. Once one of my grandson was simply going to use my back gate. When i saw the cop running towards the side of my house, i told him to stop, that's my grandson. He told me my grandson went to the side of the house to hide. I asked, hide for what? Well someone saw him walking and looking suspicious. It didn't change until the neighborhood became mostly minorities. And that happened quickly. We worry about our children and family all the time. I know what was in Zimmerman's heart. People didn't want the black and Mexican children standing in front of their houses waiting for the school bus. One even shot and killed a little Mexican girl's dog, because the dog was in front of his house, even though the dog was in the street. But no, it's not about race.

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