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  •  Not as Big a Problem as Climate Change and Water (6+ / 0-)

    -Reduce meat production by 80%. Most crops (diesel usage) are used as animal feed.
    -Subsidize local, small farms and agricultural education.
    -Stop ethanol fuel additive requirement.
    -Heavily subsidize EV vehicle adoption.
    -Phase out gasoline engines.
    -Convert empty lots and factories into aquaponics farms and greenhouses.
    -Build humane dormitories and establish cheap transportation between cities and farms for agricultural workers.
    -Change zoning laws to allow for chickens and small livestock.
    -Change our crops. Many "weeds" are actually easy to grow, nutritious plants. We're surrounded by food, but lack the knowledge to recognize and use it. Despite all of the rhetoric about being independent and personally responsible, government and corporations do not want that and have done everything to prevent it from happening. The ideal citizen is an infinitely replaceable ignorant, addict willing to work for free. That's capitalism.

    Feeding people with diesel will still be easy in 40 years, all other things being constant but petroleum and considering where fertilizer comes from. It's a matter of priority, de-centralization (fractal economies), change in food type consumption, and giving up factory farming. Insects could also subsidize nutrition once certain hurdles are cleared. We'll be taking one or two steps back or forward depending on values, but it can be done.

    Last I recall, many countries are on a negative growth rate. Humans live a long time, so it will take a while for the absolute numbers to reduce.

    Climate change will acidify oceans, strain water resources, make fertile land barren, etc... We can't feed people if our means to do so are being taken away; which is what you are trying to say with diesel. Climate change will do what you fear. The difference is we only have one climate, but we have many options on agriculture and energy.

    •  Ooops...As I Think Back to Earth Science (3+ / 0-)

      We have many climates. :) We only have one Earth which supports those many climates. But you get the gist of the argument.

    •  If the areas where methane is stored thaw... (5+ / 0-)

      nothing will matter. The issue today for many is whether they survive long enough to worry about climate change.

      We need activities are less dependent on oil or diesel. Watching a boater pulling his children behind him for nearly 2 hours... Do we expect people to give up what gives them pleasure.  

      We need economies  that are less dependent on everyone having every piece of crap they can turn out so people have we need new ways of distributing what there is to be distributed ... ways that include other races and other nationalities ... even the fricking poor for petes sake because people who aren't poor keep a better handle on their populations which means women being more then baby machines... we need to all quit relying on a wage to buy food we could grow saving huge amounts in transport and avoiding the negatives of conglomerate farming (fertilizers and pesticides....which means better city and home design ... speaking of which we need less lawns and more energy efficient living space....  

      We need to be willing to work a little more raising our own food and without conveniences and toys... But any savings will only last a short time without real thoughtful changes in how we live and  how we give people a life of joy .... NOT some dreary meticulously defined measured existence ordered by others view of what life should be... Gray world with subscribed boundaries.... Many would rather die sooner then turn their lives into someone else's idea of perfection. And what we need to do requires a huge majority to agree.

      I am working on my son... He is a republican and for a long time denied GW but now he is at stage where he accepts it is happening but doesn't believe mankind is causing it. Nevertheless he is looking for ways to cut his energy use and conserve. I can extra garden stuff and he gets it from me... he likes it better. We talk about preserving and gardening and not having a wasteful damn lawn that uses land and water that could help our food situation and fight GW by reducing transportation costs. Not that I say anything about that because his very livelihood depends on Semi trucks hauling stuff from point A to point B and then hauling something back from B to A.  This is an issue that many don't know how to work out of... I think they know mankind is on a fatal track but the price of stopping activities means that careers can end, homes can be lost and children can go hungry.

      Personally I think we should can the primate shit throwing behavior and actually spend time spreading ideas instead of attacking those who don't march to our drummer. We are like people who can only see the truth by looking at it through a small hole.... We each can only see a small part and much of our ability to survive depends on feeling confident that we see it all. But NO ONE sees all the truth so we have to start talking with out attacking each other or our framed vision that restricts our sight might cause us all to fall into the abyss that no one wants to look at.

      Whether we like it or not I am more convinced every day that we are facing a major die back. I hope it is not a flip to a methane atmosphere which some news is hinting more and more often. My motto "Do the best you can"

      Fear is the Mind Killer...

      by boophus on Fri Jul 12, 2013 at 04:40:57 PM PDT

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    •  excellent comment (0+ / 0-)

      you, sir, are a (wo_-)man of vision.
       no rec button, so i said it in words.

      i hope your ideas become commonnplace reality, asap!

      why? just kos..... *just cause*

      by melo on Mon Jul 22, 2013 at 03:01:23 AM PDT

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