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View Diary: Illegal Abortions Spike in Texas (116 comments)

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  •  This is heartbreaking (27+ / 0-)

    But, it is just one facet of an increasingly failed medical system.

    When my daughter was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, we were referred to a "pain management clinic", which charged $550 per office visit, to prescribe medications costing over $200 per month (which did not help her illness and made her horribly depressed), and such therapies as biofeedback and hypnosis training, and advice to exercise regularly and stay on a consistent schedule, which are moderately helpful, but...   $550 per office visit?   Every six weeks.   For THAT?!

    And, her GP refused to treat her.    Neurologists and rheumatologists refused to treat her, pointing the finger at each other, saying... "try the other guy".   So, it was that, or nothing.

    The medical community is charging outrageous amounts for a simple office visit, or a simple therapy like biofeedback or hypnosis training, prescribing medications that don't work (because pharma's are gaming the testing and FDA approvals processes), and then pharma's are charging outrageous amounts for those medications.   All of this is hitting insurance companies, and they're getting really, very, very good at hitting up insurance companies.   And so people who need real treatments and real medicine that really works, can't get it, because the system has been milked dry.

    And, the FDA is facilitating this disaster, doing whatever it can to block access to allow patients to seek their own safe medication, inexpensively.   Patients have to pay the troll under the bridge, the specialists, the pharmas, and so....

    We end up in a border town buying fake day after pills from a bazaar, or sneaking into a medical marijuana state to purchase rick's oil off the black market.  

    One father had to sneak the medicine to his child, that saved the child's life, because doctors refused to administer it.     The child is only alive today, because the father took medicine into his own hands.   The doctors told his father the child would die, and doctor's knew immediately that something was terribly wrong when the child actually lived.   Isn't that totally screwed up?   Yeah -- the father refused to let the medical community kill his kid.  That's what was wrong.

    This is why the herbal and black markets for medicine are so huge.   Our medical system is so over-regulated and corrupt that it is collapsing under its own weight, and forcing patients out on the street to seek our own solutions.

    The calculation that a doctor makes when treating a patient, is not the same calculation that a patient has to make.  A doctor has to decide if this is a treatment that is worth his risk, on average, across most patients.   A patient has to decide if this is worth the risk to himself, in this specific instant.    Yet, the system does not allow patients to access the treatments and medications they need, to take these risks, and so we have to do it illegally.  

    It's illegal to try to make yourself better or save your own life.    Isn't that totally screwed up?

    What happened to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness?     Why is it against the law to try to save your own life, or get the abortion that you need?

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