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View Diary: FOX NEWS Salivating at Imagined Specter of 'Race Riots' After Zimmerman Verdict (39 comments)

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    If he's found not guilty, it means that the prosecution could not prove its case against him beyond a reasonable doubt.  Even if you believe he's guilty, that's how our system of justice works.  The burden is on the prosecution, and if they do not satisfy that burden, the jury must find the defendant "not guilty."  

    It will mean that every crazy white racist can grab a gun and go hunting for blacks.
    A "not guilty" verdict does not mean this, any more than the O.J. Simpson verdict meant that "every crazy ex-husband can grab a knife and slice his ex-wife and anyone he finds with her," or that the Casey Anthony verdict meant that "any crazed mother who doesn't want children can murder her child and make up excuses for it."  

    Sometimes the prosecution doesn't prove its case.  If that's what happens here, it won't be the first or last time.  It shows our system of justice is not perfect, but it's by far the best system that's ever been developed.  

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