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  •  yet do you not agree things have changed starkly (3+ / 0-)

    in the past decade? Especially the last half decade?

    Political leaders can and do now lie about FACTS and get away with it. House leadership did it yesterday. Outright lies.

    The media is too diffuse and too lame to call them on their lies, now. They know they can now get away with it.

    A decade ago they couldn't have gotten away with "death panels" and other such outright lies.

    Romney lied outright about facts. I'd never seen that before in a party nominee.

    What you say is true but more general.

    •  Eh, they got away with (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      I hold in my hand a list of members of the Communist Party,
      and with the Gulf of Tomkin, both more than a decade ago.

      Reagan lied outright about facts, as did Bush Sr. ( " Welfare Queens", and the role of the US in Iran-Contra., respectively, off the top of my head.) Don't see as the media did much calling of them.

      So, no, I don't think that things have changed starkly. I do think that more folks are aware of the differance between our self-image and our reality- but the reality has always been there.

      •  Different kind of lie I think. (4+ / 0-)

        Now, they lie about things that can be instantly checked. I guess that is it. They lie about facts

        They lie about things that a little research can instantly prove to be false, and do so much of the time. Particularly Republicans do this kind of lying.

        It is because the "free" press's authority and power is diffused and they know that, as well as realizing that most people are not going to check.

        The kind of lies I mean are almost a kin to calling the blue sky orange.

        Such as saying that Obamacare has death panels. Simply put, there is a kind of lie that is commonplace now that would not be made in the past.

        It is important the Democrats and moderates recognize this change so they can point it out, call it out, and fight against it.

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