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View Diary: Protector of individual privacy rights wants political asylum in...Russia? (163 comments)

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    "Snowden does not like the fact that America's National Security Agency documented phone traffic of its citizens, in case it should need that information in tracking a terrorist. And his solution is political asylum in a country which has unprecedented powers to spy on its citizens far beyond just documenting phone traffic of its citizens? Hmm.....something doesn't smell right about this."
    Really?  You think his solution to the abuse which is the NSA security apparatus is to seek political asylum? What a strange thought.

    The seeking of asylum is an attempt to preserve his mental and physical self from that same apparatus. Not the solution to it's abuses.  

    "I was so easy to defeat, I was so easy to control, I didn't even know there was a war." -9.75, -8.41

    by RonV on Fri Jul 12, 2013 at 05:27:02 PM PDT

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