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View Diary: German Spiegel publishes "United Stasi of America" graffiti photo of U.S. Embassy in Berlin! (286 comments)

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  •  "his apparatchik-speak"? Do you understand that (1+ / 0-)
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    this website, when I joined it, was a website for Democrats, and so it was unusual to constantly find yourself being bathed in a daily cacophony of hate speech directed at a President, who has done more for the Democratic Party than any other president in generations....

    I know that you, like most of the people I have found issuing condemning criticism or comments against this President on a daily basis, usually folk belonging to sites like Red State, feel that you are justified in your state of hate of this President, and like many of these people, you are probably beside yourself with seething anger that Barack Obama will be President for 3 more years.

    Still, I suppose what is really rankling folks like you is the belief that individuals who support this President are so deluded and wrong in our inclination to offering him our support..... For you see, you and your cohorts have done more for this nation than Barack Obama ever could or has, I am always reminded of the things you folk have done.... things like:

    passing a healthcare bill that will give tens of millions of people access to health care. You have also increased fuel efficiency standards in automobiles, extended Pell Grant for millions of students and gave them an opportunity to attend college, made it possible for women to receive contraceptive care, passed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, helped to end DADT, spent more than any president in decades on issues that will improve the environment, saved the automobile industry, prevented the economy from falling into a a second Great Depression, spent more on programs for the poor than any President in decades, and placed two women on the Supreme Court, all while being sabotaged by a obstructionist Republican Party.

    Yes, I may be an apparatchik, but at least I'm a supporter of an individual who has actually done things to make the lives of people better. With the amount of time you have spent getting on your computer in order to issue searing vilification of this man, I am sure you have done more than he has to better the lives of others....what was it exactly??

    I just make you laugh, eh? I hope you found what I just said very funny indeed.


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