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View Diary: Macca's Meatless Monday: It's easy being part of solution to climate change (73 comments)

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  •  all actions (15+ / 0-)

    add up to a greater whole.

    Your Jensen quote could be used to encourage people to do nothing, which certainly does not help anything.

    Clearly, little short of everyone doing everything they can, including a global treaty, will help curtail runaway climate change.

    Thanks, VLB, for another fine post in this series.  Eating less/no meat is a large step many of us can take to help make the world a better place for ourselves and others including animals.

    Global warming & smoking cigarettes = Nothing to worry about? Those who deny climate science are ignorant, evil or worse. Google Fred Singer.

    by LaughingPlanet on Mon Jul 15, 2013 at 03:22:49 PM PDT

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    •  exactly LP, we must do all we can..holding out for (12+ / 0-)

      a global treaty which may not come in time or may be too little wastes precious time.

      Macca's Meatless Monday

      by VL Baker on Mon Jul 15, 2013 at 03:31:09 PM PDT

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    •  Speaking as a vegetarian myself -- (3+ / 0-)
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      VL Baker, geomoo, LeftHandedMan
      Your Jensen quote could be used to encourage people to do nothing, which certainly does not help anything.
      I like the idea of doing nothing.  If all of us did nothing, we would not be burning fossil fuels any longer.

      On the other hand, we could drop all false pretenses of efficacy in personal action if we set for ourselves a schedule in which at some point the grease would stay in the ground.

      Otherwise I like the recipes!

      "It's not my fault reality is marxist." - Che Guevara

      by Cassiodorus on Mon Jul 15, 2013 at 03:34:54 PM PDT

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    •  And then there is stark reality (5+ / 0-)

      If Jensen is correct, and it turns out that the reality is so stark that people cannot bring themselves to do what needs to be done (including some people not being able to bring themselves to do anything), then we will not respond successfully to climate change.  That is simple logic.

      Now, it feels better to do something rather than nothing, and it feels better to give people hope, and I believe it's not over 'til the fat lady sings etc.  But none of that changes the equation that, if Jensen is correct in his assessment, and there are mountains of evidence to say he is, then the argument that such stark reality is too bleak to face productively is actually a more hopeless position to take than insisting on an actual solution that has a chance of working.  In fact, one thing that may stop people from pressuring governments and corporations to do what needs to be done is being dishonest with ourselves about how much we can accomplish by changing personal habits.

      I'm not putting down the diary.  I'm not suggesting that everyone not do all we can.  Quite the contrary, we must first work on what we can control.  But we also must, absolutely positively must be realistic.  We must not let the nation's positive thinking pathology prevent us from seeing with clear eyes.

      The Congress exists primarily to ensure the reelection of members of Congress. - Bacevich

      by geomoo on Mon Jul 15, 2013 at 05:39:16 PM PDT

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    •  there was a show (3+ / 0-)

      On desertification which showed that allowing cows and buffalo to graze restored grasslands from desrts and containing carbon.  And it's the only known way to reclaim grasslands.  More animals grazing = more carbon sinks. Excess grazing animals = free range meat.    Eating free range bison would be a better way if tofu doesn't do it for you.  Just an alternate thought.  Sorry for talking meat in this diary, but we are talking climate change too.  

      Bad things aren't bad! And anyway, there's mitigation!

      by Nada Lemming on Mon Jul 15, 2013 at 07:27:16 PM PDT

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      •  there's a big problem with the information (0+ / 0-)

        re more livestock and that is WATER.  When there are droughts and desertification, which will be more extreme in future, there is less water.  Those studies you are referring to trucked in water or depended on rainfall.  How practical is that?

        Macca's Meatless Monday

        by VL Baker on Tue Jul 16, 2013 at 10:24:29 AM PDT

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