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View Diary: Zimmerman not guilty, but ALEC sure as hell is (218 comments)

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    We have protested, we have participated in the political process, we have done all those things.  And for the 50+ years since the law technically stopped interfering with that, nothing has changed whatsoever on this particular issue of unarmed young Black men being shot down like dogs by folks who just assume.  Always assuming.  Even though of course all it does is make an ass out of the person doing the assuming--and too often end the life of the other person who was just going on with his/her life.

    Sorry but the political process is not going to fix this. The law isn't going to fix this. Ultimately, this is a moment that is a reminder that we must self-defend, because the law sure ain't going to defend us, OR ensure that those who harm us will face true justice.

    Yes, right now, I'm angry and hurt and disgusted even though as a lawyer I knew this outcome was more likely than a conviction.

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