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View Diary: Zimmerman not guilty, but ALEC sure as hell is (218 comments)

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    Stand Your Ground gave Zimmerman leave to get out of his car,
    No it didn't. Its perfectly legal and good for Zimmerman to leave his car and confront Trayvon.
    follow a teenager,

    George Zimmerman pursued Trayvon Martin AFTER Trayvon took off running, and only pursued him to the end of the sidewalk that ran between the apartments. If Trayvon did not wish to confront Zimmerman, he could have easily been completely home in the amount of time it took from him running, to Zimmerman getting out of his car and running after him. He had a head start on Zimmerman, and was in better shape, yet the fight and shooting occurred at the end of the sidewalk nearest Zimmermans truck, and not near his fathers apartment (where he would have been if he had just run home).

    engage him in a fight,

    George Zimmerman did not engage Trayvon in a fight, Trayvon engaged Zimmerman in a fight as evidenced by the complete lack of injuries (sans gunshot wound) on Trayvon, the grass stains on Zimmerman's back, the grass stains on Trayvon's knees, the scratches in Trayvon's knuckles, the scratches on Zimmermans head and busted nose.

    and then shoot him.
    Yes, Zimmerman did shoot Trayvon, and did so after Trayvon attacked him, and clearly had the upper hand in a fight with unknown ending. Its possible that Trayvon would have roughed him up a bit and then relented, or its possible that Trayvon could have given him serious injuries (concussion, etc). We'll never know because Zimmerman was carrying a firearm and used it for its intended purpose, to protect himself from someone who attacked him.  
    Zimmerman's defense was self defense,
    Yes it was, and the jury agreed.

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