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View Diary: If you can't keep a kid from pinning you to the ground and taking your gun... (13 comments)

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    1: Here is why parents should seriously consider getting martial arts training for children early on (aside from the fabulous health beneifts, the discipline, the problem-solving strategy that comes from learing to ACTUALLY fight, and the self-confidence that comes with it - if the child will or wishes learn.) Marital arts stays with you, it doesn't get left in the car, cops cant take it away from you like your keys at a court house. It doesn't have to be unloaded and locked up.

    2: Zimmerman - and people MAY blow me flak about this - is a fine example of somebody who failed to really learn martial arts after a frggin year. I was a non-athletic nerd at age 25 when I began. I had an awesome teacher and within a few months I as sparring. I learned to strike and move and cover myself. I got hurt, bloody noses, mat burns and I also doled it out punching really scary guys (nice but BEASTS) successfully. Zimmerman apparently never got that far. So either Zman is a complete friggin weenie or he had a really crappy teacher, or a combo of the 2.

    3: I think "guys like Zman" are  prone to fall back on "guns will protect me and make me a badass" which they don't. Guns act like drugs in many people's hand, providing a heinously false sense of security and well-being. Couple that with being a racist fuckup and it's asking - ASKING - for trouble.

    4: Florida and most states in this country are likely full of Zmans.

    5: If somebody points a gun at you, it's largely game over - you gotta pretty much do what your told. Marial arts  training and practice leads to keeping a clear head in a crisis. Martial arts is strategy, strategic thinking on the fly. If they never come close to you you give them your cash and stuff.

    6: If these sorts want to pose and be bad and not have their gun or have it holstered... and they start shit... you beat them bloody ASAP.

    Based on this crap Trayvon doesn't seem to have been aprticularly skilled at fighting- as in trained - he apparently fought at school, which is normal if you know many modern (falling apart) school systems. Kids fight constantly. (Here they do) but that's not quote the same as having some honed Muay Thai or Brazilian Jiujitsu. Zimerman had no grand game - Martian apparent got full mount and seem like he was trying to get away.

    Once you have somebody in full mount.... you can beat the shit out of them (violent) ot you can maneuver away, as I think Trayvon may have been trying to do, given that Zman wasnt damaged like real GNP would do.

    I know... who cares now, but the isue, to me, is Zman is a wimpy asshole loser who relied on a gun to carry out his fantasies, there are lots of these types and one does not have to be wholly victimized if one thinks clearly.

    One other tip: I never ever go looking for trouble so I have been in few fights. 2 major ones. I have used my training a lot in pyshc hospitals and settings to control out of control people and to keep my noggin in one piece.

    In my work I have had to go into terrible areas, scary houses full of people i don't know (half-assed mental health care homes, a boarding house in a bad area of East Point and so forth) And without the confidence i gained from martial arts I would have not been able to think. But I march right in, look people in the eye and I get no shit. of course then people learn I am there to help somebody, and all is cool.

    Marital arts is one of the best things I ever did for myself, up there with college and divorcing my first wife.

    Teach your children well.

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